Best webcomics of 2019

I’m back with my favourite webcomics of the year’s list!

These are talents I’ve stumbled upon in my infinite search of the perfect balance between style and witty writing. 

Take it for what it is: my own taste and nothing more.

As usual, I’ll try to explain why I think these comics are worth mentioning.

I hope you check them out 🙂 

If you’re curious about my previous lists you can read my ‘Best webcomics of 2018‘ and ‘Best webcomics of 2016‘ articles.

#10 Woman World by Aminder Dhaliwal

This isn’t exactly a 2019 comic. This has been going on for a couple of years now and meantime Aminder has been published by Drawn & Quarterly.

The men are extinct and we don’t know why.

And you know what? You never ask yourself why. And this is the beauty of it.

You can read it on Webtoon.

#9 Dani and Ramen by Jake W Morrison

Since the first time I laid my eyes on a Jake Morrison’s illustrations I was captivated.

I could spend hours just looking into each detail and filling up my eyes with the beauty of the colors and the art style.

The story might need improvements (or maybe it’s just me, I’m not the biggest MMOs fan), but the art makes it all.

I mean: S T U N N I N G

You can read it on his website and you can also buy the book.

#8 Azalais by Anne Masse

Don’t worry, Anne is french but you can read her comic Azalais in English as well, on Webtoon Factory.

The title character is not your usual heroine and you’re gonna love her for that.

The art is stunning and I can’t praise Anne enough for her rendition of the medieval landscapes.

It’s just a perfect mix.

#7 What’s up Beanie by Alina Bean

Alina is a rare kind of artist.

The kind that pops into Instagram one day and the following one has over 100k followers.

Just check it out by yourself, I don’t think I need to add anything else ^_^’

#6 G.U.M. by Kristen Pinpin

Kristen, or as you all know her, Plamondon, is a super skilled story teller.

And if you think you already know that because you read “Ah, mince!”, then get ready to get your mind blown because where she really shines is in the narration of the diffult times of her life that led her to quit the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (I had to Google this), aka the mormons community.

You can read the whole thing on Webtoon but apparently she’s gonna make it available in other formats, so make sure you follow Plamondon comics on Instagram too.

#5 Yeevz by Evie Hilliar

Evie is one of those artists that sometimes get you confused about your Instagram feed.

You’re like ‘I don’t remember following this artist?’. And that is because she’s not sticking to one format or art style.

She’s rough and she takes whatever she has in that moment and slam it in your face.

And you’ll love her for doing it.

You can read her comics on Instagram.

#4 Moderna de Pueblo

I’m sorry for all the English readers who don’t speak Spanish.

Actually Moderna de Pueblo is THE reason you were looking for to improve your Spanish.

She’s so damn smart. She’s so damn confident. She’s basically the BeyoncĂ© of webcomics and her million and a half followers would all agree to that.

Check it out.

#3 Antoine Orry

Props to the most understimated comic artist of the whole web.

I’m so sorry if you don’t speak French. Oh I’m so SO sorry.

If you were ever curious about what my sense of humor is at 99,99%, Antoine’s comics would have given you the perfect idea.

For the lucky French speakers: here.

#2 Kasia Babis

I’ve got familiar with Kasia’s work through the Nib (she’s a regular collaborator), but the work she does indipendently is as worthy (if not even more) of your attention.

Kasia is smart, talented and she will let you know what she thinks about today’s world. In a way that is unique to her and sometimes hard to hear.

Read her work here.

#1 Arts by Lauren

Okay I’m exposed.

I fell in love with these comics about being closeted and then coming out to your family and friends even though I can’t relate to them because I’m not gay.

But she makes you feel it so much.

I’ve never seen a comment section so devoted as Lauren’s and I find myself as well leaving a lot of comments.

She often says that her stories are taken from reality but kind of ‘boosted’ for dramatic and storytelling purposes but you won’t feel it.

The only thing that bothers me about Lauren’s comics (apart from the fact that I can’t have like: 10 comics a day to read) is the fact that she mastered the art of cliffhanger.

Oh she’ll have you on your tiptoes, oh she will.

Get ready for an emotional rollercoster here.

Special mention for illustratos: Daniele Turturici, Moco pink (with whom I’m collaborating for my new series ‘Succulents‘ and Carlo Stanga.

See you in 2020!





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