Born in Sardinia in 1982, Kotopopi attendend the local school of comics at age 15, but did not pursue a career in the arts.

After spending several years working in corporate business, in France she rediscovers her ancient love for storytelling and she starts self-publishing a webcomic about her life abroad that will eventually become La Vie en Grey, her first featured comic for Webtoon Factory.

She now lives in Italy where she works as an author and writer in English, French and Italian for several publishers around the world.



coming out in 2023 “The last god of Spring” EN (writer) – Webtoon USA (Webtoon/USA)

coming out in 2022 “Un de chaque” FR (writer) – Webtoon France (Webtoon/France)

coming out in 2022 “Cara Celeste Compagnia” IT (writer) – Tacotoon (JPop/Italy)

coming out in 2022Vita da cacuts” IT (writer) – Tacotoon (JPop/Italy)

15 minutes of fame” EN/FR (writer) – Webtoon Factory (Editions Dupuis/Belgium)

La vie en grey” EN/FR – Webtoon Factory (Editions Dupuis/Belgium) – 2 seasons – 2019-2021

The ladder” EN (writer) – Webtoon USA – Short story contest winner in the ‘brain’ category – 2020. Watch the animated version by Rooster Teeth.


Big Mood” EN – David Daneman (USA) – Anthology – 2021

Vita da pomodoro” IT – Edizioni Beccogiallo (Italy) – Anthology – 2020

Robot mon amour” FR – Tacos Banditos (France) – Anthology – 2020


Nice cats/Bad dogs EN – Anthology (2016-2021)

Millennials (2016-2020) EN – Stripcomics

Dear Diary (2020) EN – Miniseries

AI (2018) EN – Miniseries