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Super present from Pigminted!
My buddy PIGMINTED did these cuties for me. Go check out his Etsy shop and get yourself a present, you won't regret it ;)
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10 ways to support my work for free
Vote for my comic here. Share, tag and quote my comics on social media. Then tell me, so I can say 'thank you' in public!...
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Guest comic for ‘My dad is Dracula’
I discovered 'My dad is Dracula' on Instagram, but you can find it also on Facebook and Twitter. The author posts guest comics every Wednesday...
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Fanart for Imaginary Dave
I've had so much fun drawing Imaginary Dave (Discover, Webtoon)! Guy is a precious guy and a tremendous artist: you don't wanna miss this little...
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Fanarts for Adventures of God
These two fanart are my take on Adventures of God's... God :) I love the universe that Teo & Corey created so much that I'd...
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Guest comic for Carl
This comic is a guest episode that I made for Carl (Webtoon), the story of a therapist A.I. and his buddies. Written and drawn by...
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