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Hello dear occasional reader,

as usual no one asked me about this, but I like sharing my opinions SO MUCH that I can’t help but writing yet another list about my favourite webcomics.

Actually, as I haven’t written anything about this subject since 2016, this short list will include also some comics that I discovered in 2017.

Again, who cares. I do. Sorry but you’re on my blog, so… Ok ok, I’ll shut up and get started:

#10 “Non-Non” (Karla Diaz, Tapastic)

karla diaz comics
Credits: Karla Diaz comics (Non-Non)

As you might know already, I mainly read stripcomics or slice-of-life comics. Not that I don’t like some good action-packed or romantic story from time to time, it’s just the way my brain is wired: for those subjects I usually prefer movies.

But there are always some exceptions, like this one: NON-NON. This comic is just too perfect to resist.

The first reason is obviously the fact that the author, Karla Diaz, is clearly a manga genius and knows her pencils very well. Her work is so accurate (perspective, backgrounds, anatomies) that the eyes just don’t get enough of each panel.

The story is the usual ‘I like you but I can’t tell you’ kind of manga cliché, but told in a super funny and sexy way. Believe me when I say that you don’t easily see a manga heroine with the word ‘lust’ written all over her face, so jump on board if you wanna see how hilarious it can get 🙂

#9 “SAME SHIT, DIFFERENT DAY” (Moosop, Tapastic)

Credits: Moosop (from: Same Shit Different Day)

This is another technically impeccable comic that you can find here on Tapastic.

We talking slice-of-life comic drawn in a manga style with a level of refinement that rarely a comedy manga gets. Everything from the color palettes to the stylish clothes looks like if it has popped out of a designer’s brain.

I honestly can’t believe that you can read such a good and professional comic for free on the app. You’re welcome!

#8 “BROTHERS BOND” (Kevin Grevioux and Ryan Benjamin, Webtoon)

Credits: Kevin Grevioux and Ryan Benjamin (Brothers Bond, Webtoon)
Credits: Kevin Grevioux and Ryan Benjamin (Brothers Bond, Webtoon)

This comic has just won an Eisner award. If it had been for me I would have given it more than one award. I would have given it all the awards.

I don’t even know exactly what the story is about.

You open the first chapter of the comic and your senses get immediately captivated by the moving backgrounds, the fast paced music and the epic sound effects. Your eyes wanders through an explosion of colors, the complex details of the scenario and the innovative layout without a second to rest.

Honestly the story could have been about washing dishes and it still would have been one of my all time favourite comics experiences.

#7 “IN HER CORNER” (In her corner, Instagram + Webtoon)

Credits: In her corner (In her corner)

If someone was able to trace the fastest way to make you laugh, the result would probably be ‘In her corner’ (I linked her Instagram here, but you can read her comics on Webtoon as well).

I can’t really say what makes this slice-of-life comic so irresistible to me. I guess it’s just an infinite pleasure to get to see how blasé a character can possibly be toward everything that sourrounds her: people, places, events.

You dislike her, you love her, you take her as she is… But you simply can’t ignore her.

#6 “SMALL BLESSINGS” (Whitherling, Webtoon)

Credits: Whitherling (Small Blessings, Webtoon)

Whaaat? What is a ‘heart warming’ comic doing in my personal list?

Whaat (again)?
Ok, I’ll admit it (but only this time): I have a heart too! And it totally melted when I read this almost silent comic T_T

Apart from the fact that the one BIG blessing (see the wordplay there?) of this comic is the art, but I couldn’t believe myself when I’ve realized that I was all caught up in a story about the smallest details possible about a totally basic and uninsteresing setting (a tiny apartment in a big city).

The story revolves around a girl and the familiar spirit that lives in her apartment. They relationship evolves in a slow, tiny and an overwhelmingy tender way. Feelings alert: ON.

#5 “TU AND TED” (Chow Honlam and Roey Li/ Instagram + Webtoon)

Credits: Chow Honlam and Roey Li (Tu and Ted)
Credits: Chow Honlam and Roey Li (Tu and Ted)

As if Chow Honlam didn’t make us enough favours by drawing superheroes living a normal life, he now comes back with this aesthetically pleasing, never missing a beat stripcomic (that you can also read on Webtoon).

The main characters, a polar bear and… Whatever that tiny thing on his head is (jeez I wanna squeeze that little kawaii monster so badly!). The characters just walk around observing the behaviour of the often too-human animals that inhabit their world.

Thanks to the writing of Roey Li, the comedy is soft but powerful and the refined and minimalistic lines of Chow create an enchanting mix that will get you addicted in no time.

#4 “DODGE GREENLEY” (Instagram)


Unfortunately I can’t really show you an entire comic of this storyboard artist. You’ll have to check them out directly on Instagram.

The reason is that most of the comics contain up to 10 panels and sometimes they stretch out to several episodes.

What can I say about Dodge’ comics? They are perfection. When I first read them I had the same feeling that I had when I discovered Reza Farazmand: if I ever had to explain my type of humor to someone I would just show them one of these comics.

They are full of paradoxes, real-world rules bending and over simplified and over complicated arguments.

Every dialogue will leave you with a smile and a heart-felt ‘wtf’. What else do you need?

#3 “THE GIRL FROM CLASS” (Subong Park Webtoon)

Credits: Subong Park (The girl from class/Webtoon)
Credits: Subong Park (The girl from class/Webtoon)

Subong Park is a regular in Webtoon.

And it’s no suprise ’cause as soon as you realize how talented this author is you want Webtoon to push his work as far as it can.

Also a minimalistic style (but don’t worry, there is absolutely everything that it’s needed, wether we’re talking about the characters or the backgrounds), this delicate and romantic (?!) manwa will give you not only a compelling story but also relatable characters and a lot of ‘too close to home’ situations.

The images, the peace and the storytelling are so perfect that you won’t be able to stop once you start reading.

#2 “FIRST CONTACT” (Dim Lights Studio, Tapastic/Webtoon)

Credits: Dim Lights Studio (First contact)

I’m not even going to try to explain the plot of this fantasy/drama/romance comic.

First of all ’cause I’m afraid it would be impossible, second because I’d give away spoilers, as there are so many twists and turns that there is no way to even start talking about it without giving away something.

It will only take you the first episode (that you can find on Webtoon or Tapastic) to want to know more.

The art is mind blowing, the characters are so real that it hurts.

Buckle your seatbelts, you’re in for a wild “in between space and time” ride.

#1 “THE PIGEON GAZETTE” (Jane Zei/All over the web!)

Credits: Jane Zei (“The pigeon gazette”)

I know what you’re thinking:

“Did you just get an internet connection?”

And I agree!

But I only discovered ‘Pigeon Jane’ in 2017. This is the one and only reason why she didn’t appear in my 2016 ‘best webcomics’ collection.

For me comedy webcomics doesn’t get any better than this: funny and stylish drawings (simple but yet that kind of ‘simple’ that you can achieve only when you master the basics), hilarious situations, blatant honesty and just the right amount of self-deprecation.

This girl has it all and, just in case some of you, like me, just got an internet connection (kidding?), this is a must-read that you cannot let slip under your radar.

‘The pigeon gazette’ can be found everywhere online, but here are the links to the official Webtoon and Tapas accounts.

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