The 10 funniest webcomics

Lists, lists!! Everybody makes lists!!!!!

So why not me? 🙂

Why do I have to be famous to be asked ‘who are your favourite artists?‘ ‘who inspired you the most?‘ ‘what color do you prefer for your mouse?’.

Turquoise! It matches gracefully my orange laptop.

Back to THE LIST.


Some of them are also very popular online comics (sorry for being mainstream!) but I hope that it will also help some of you to discover new comic material 😉


Chris Harding – “We the robots”

Chris Harding we the robots


I think that Chris gets it. And gets it bad.

Reality is shown under the point of view of robots.

Why he picked robots to represent humans? Well, this is a no-question if you think that we usually represents evoluted robots… like humans. There there my little inception moment, I leave you the time to sink in…

The plus +++:

Even with little or no lines characters are amazingly expressive and we feel them deeply. The colors are beautiful and everything it’s realized in order to feel ‘old fashioned’ but it’s 100% 2016.


Jim Benton

jim benton comics


Jim’s eclecticism is amazing. He can talk about anything and always doing it right.

He is a recognized author and has published already many books. His “Happy Bunny” trademark is always happy to treat you badly and you can’t avoid loving it for it.

Once you start scrolling Jim’s tumblr you just can’t stop.

The plus +++:

Jim’s work is also 3D (printed books) so you can have the perfect gift to anyone who appreciate good humor any time, even for children as its works spans from adult jokes to illustrated books for the little ones.


Joshua-Wright – “Slack Wyrm”

joshua-wright-slack-wyrm webcomics


It’s delicate and bastard at the same time: it’s Joshua Wright! The drawings are amazingly cute and perfectly realized: they shine especially in full colors.

Have you ever wonder in which way a slack dragon can be #relatable? Well, wonder no more and start reading, because it definitely can be!

The plus +++:

Slack Wyrm is just a tiny part of Joshua’s universe that it’s worthy to be known entirely. You can follow the dragon easily on Webtoon, but don’t forget to stumble on his Tumblr, it’s weird and ejoyable fun guarantee.



Chris McCoy – “Safely Endangered”

Safely Endangered


You might have seen already some ‘Safely Endangered’ webcomics here and there on the web, but have you seen it all?

If you haven’t, go on Chris website or to his Webtoon profile and do it. His humor is so peculiar and his style fits it so perfectly that it will end up straight to your browser’s fav’s.

I had so much troubles picking only one comic for this list… I think I changed my mind almost 5 times: they are all just pitch perfect.

The plus +++:

The title. It’s pure genius: you are ‘safely endangered enough’ when you exist in an open world (anything talks in Chris universe) where anything can happen at any time.


Alex Norris – “Dorris McComics”/ “Webcomic name”

alex norris webcomic name


This is the webcomic that I share the most. Yes, we have already seen comics about being introverted and anxious, but every single time the main character of Webcomic name says its recurring ‘oh no’ we can’t avoid feeling sorry for ourselves (above the fact that we also feel sorry for the character… when did the switch happened??!).

The plus +++:

It takes almost no lines to say everything that there is to say. At least if you are called Alex Norris.


Liz Climo

liz climo


Liz Climo’s work is one of the most hart-warmingly funny I have ever seen in my life. Each and every character makes you wanna hug it or squeeze it. Even sharks. Even crocodiles. Even bears wearing Trump’s wig. Even Trump’s wig itself.

The plus +++:

There are some of her works translated in other languages officially, available in regular bookstores. And fortunately also unofficial translations for the joy of every single webcomic lover of the world.


Sarah Andersen – “Sarah’s scribbles”



I mean, are you really asking why?? Have you seen Sarah’s work before? The answer is YES, if you have an internet connection you did.

And you loved it, believe me. You just maybe didn’t pick up the name straight away.

Thanks to Sarah, uterus have now a face that we (collectively, as women) can blame and be more aware (afraid?) of.

The plus +++:

Not many people know it but Sarah is also a very talented illustrator. You can check her works here:


Kasper Hansen and Matteo Ferrazzi – “It’s the tie”/”Adventures of God”



I discovered ‘Adventures of God’ on Webtoon and I must have liked each and every episode. The humor is thrilling, there is so much going that you would want the comedy to stretch forever.

But no, timing is managed perfectly and you get your punchline exactly when and where you have to 🙂

The plus +++:

It’s blunt and offensive humor that manages not to offend anyone. How can they do it? Check out yourself!


Shenanigansen – “Owlturd Comix”/”Blue Chair”



Shen is the male counterpart of Sarah’s Scribbles. Plus some geekiness that is always welcome.

I appreciate enormously the deepness of Shen’s comics. It’s like reading an illustrated psychology book. I never thought, for exemple, that ‘life’ itself might become the main character of a comic. But Shen did. And Shen did it well. And most of all, no matter how many times he keeps on doing it, he always nails it.

The plus +++:

Shen often supports emerging artists and publish fan art on his Webtoon profile. He answers to fans questions and is very open with them. I don’t know him but he sounds adorable on and off screen 🙂


Reza Farazmand- “Poorly Drawn Lines”/”Trash Bird”

reza farazmand poorly drawn lines



You know when you read a funny webcomics and you always get to that one episode that makes you think “well, this one is OK, but not really funny”…?

Well, with Reza this simply won’t happen.

He’s got the magic webcomics wand. Or maybe a couple of them. Or maybe 3 of them in each hand, like a cartoonist Wolverine.

The plus +++:

He made a lot of webcomics. Like A LOT. Please make MORE.


It actually doesn’t fall into the ‘webcomics’ category, but in the larger ‘comics’ category.

peanuts is the best comic of all time

The ‘Peanuts’ has played a major role into my will to become a comic creator.

As many have noticed, I struggle to put my characters into any position that is not present in the Schulz masterpiece (3/4, profile). Until the end of the world, the Peanuts will always be worthy to be mentioned into any list related to comics.


Please comment and give me your list and your ‘special mention’ comedy comics.

I want to discover more and expand my list!

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