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  1. Hi, KOTOPOPI!

    Love the latest strip; great work! I plan to re-post it to my own blog within the next 7 days or so! The 1-million views strip went over very well and got several “likes”!

    Please pet D’Ali for me (our own dog, Tiny Pochapin, sends his regards) and I do hope your teeth (or those that remain) are now painless and doing well.

    All best,


  2. That is amazing news Jay! I’m trying to make an extra effort in inking and coloring since I’ve got a proper drawing tablet, but I’m still experimenting. It’s hard!
    I wanna see little Pochapin! I’m sure he (or she) would get along with Kotopopi ^_^
    My teeth are still recovering… I’m up for a long (annoying) run unfortunately, but the drawing humor therapy helps šŸ˜‰
    All the best to you too and thank you so much for supporting my work!

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