My kingdom sucks

NOTE: This comic is a work in progress and it’s meant to be released as a printed book.

The story takes place in a fictional Middle Ages Kindgom and it features a princess named Irene who doesn’t want to marry the man her father has chosen for her.

She’s an avid player of medieval videogames: “Castle Invaders”, and at the age of 16, when the story begins, she never questioned her father’s authority. The arranged marriage will swiftly prompt a change in her quiet life, pushing her to take part in the official tournament of Castle Invaders in the city. After the tournament, nothing will be the same again.

The other main characters of the series are Ronen, a sort of ‘gladiator’ (he’s not a worrior nor a soldier… he’s just the most successful player of Castle Invaders of the kingdom) and her soon-to-be husband fianc√© Fabrice, who’s slowly realizing that in the end he might not want to get married either… But for a different reason than Irene.

This dynamic trio will go through a lot of… Well, you know: character building and such!

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Irene and her poodles.

If you wanna know more about the story and the other characters I suggest you to take a look at my Youtube Channel, where you’ll find several videos dedicated to the other main characters.