My kingdom sucks

I’ve been working on a new project for the last couple of weeks.

I’m currently finishing to write the biggest events and I still have to trace a final chronology but I have already created the main characters and settings.

The story takes place in a fictional Middle Ages Kindgom and it features a princess who doesn’t want to marry the man her father has chosen for her.

Also, she’s an avid player of medieval videogames, but more on this later 😉 

The other main characters of the series are a sort of ‘gladiator’ (he’s not a worrior nor a soldier… he’s just the most successful player of the kingdom’s most famous ‘game’), who’s the princess love interest and her soon-to-be husband fiancé, who’s slowly realizing that in the end he might not want to get married either… As he’s gay.

This dynamic trio will go through a lot of… Well, you know: character building and such!

There are many other characters already well developed but at the moment I am asking all my readers on all my platform to name these three.

As soon as I’ll have the first 3 names down we’ll move forward the next 3 other characters.

Stay tuned and submit your name’s ideas in the comments.

You can also see videos of me talking about the characters and giving details about their personality on my Youtube, my Twitch account or on Instagram TV (you can access my channel through my Instagram account).

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