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  1. You say you like my anecdotes? Well, ALLRIGHTY THEN! When I was 10 years old, my family and I used to vacation at the North Carolina seashore, popularly known as the “Outer Banks.” It’s where the Wright Brothers had their first successful heavier-than-air flight at Kitty Hawk. Anyway, armed with an inflatable raft, I foolishly spent a whole day in the ocean, laying on the raft on my stomach. That night, we all went to see a play presented in an outdoor amphitheater. When the play was over, almost 1:45 later, I discovered I COULD NOT STAND UP! I could not straighten out my legs! We waited a few extra minutes and then my Dad picked me up, heaved my stomach onto his shoulder and carried me out of there like a Christmas ham. My brother and sister were highly amused, but a few days later not so much. The sunburn on the back of my legs was so extensive, when the skin began to peel, it practically peeled off in sheets, which I used to gross out and torment my siblings. How’s THAT for an anecdote??? P.S.: Don’t forget to moisturize!

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