Kotopopi fanart

This adorable drawing comes from Dustinteractive. Also, the company is GREAT.

This Koto-portrait is from HamderKasper aka It’s the tie. I love how professional it looks compared to the original version. I don’t like it Kasper… I don’t like it ONE BIT P_P

This adorable woodwork is from Pigminted. If you’re a nerd and you like wood there is no other place of earth from you than his shop. You’re welcome.

The amazingly talented artists Mocopink (go follow her on Instagram here) did this lovely fanart of my and Kotopopi:

kotopopi fanart

This supercute portrait comes from the pen behind Adventures of God, aka Corey.

I’m so lucky to have this that it makes me wanna cry.

adventures of god fanart

This one is probably the very first fanart I’ve ever got and it’s from the wonderful creator of Mushroom Movie, aka potato-chop, aka my buddy co-creator of ‘Nice cats/Bad dogs‘. So many memories… Thank you potato, this one is still my laptop screensaver since you sent it to me!!!

kotopopi mushroom movie fanartAnd there we are: #Millennials fanart from Webtoon! I LOVE THEM I WANT MORE PLEASE SEND MOAAAAA T_____T

So, did I manage to make you wanna send me fanart?

Go ahead and send it! I’m all yours at kotopopiwebcomics@gmail.com

Don’t forget to tell me if you have an account somewhere that I can link in this page so people can see more of your artistic work.

What else? I’ll go back to my smoothie and wait for your artwork… Just kidding, I’ll go back to work. As if there was anything else, pfff…!!!

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