Cookie Policy

This site, like almost every site, uses cookies.


We (me and whoever has ever made a website) use them because websites don’t grow on trees, so in order for you to enjoy the free content and apps that you enjoy everyday there are a couple of things that are necessary:

  1. to pay a monthly rent for some space on a server (hosting)
  2. to spend time (time is also money) in order to produce the content
  3. to collect information in order to make sure that you are receiving it, where you are receiving (for ex. if I need to translate it) and at what time you want me to post it.
  4. to collect information to show you the right ads. Cause if I show you very intenteresting ads you won’t click them and if you won’t click them Adsense won’t give me money and if they don’t give me money who will?

All these things are NECESSARY to MAKE A WEBSITE and to KEEP IT FREE.

I’m sorry, but this is how the world works, in case you thought the web was different.


WHO COLLECTS/SEE YOUR DATA AND WHERE ARE THE DATA ARE KEPT (aka what cookies do I use for this website)

This website works thanks to Google Analytics and Google Adsense.

These are Third party Tracking Technologies, which means that they collect automatically information concerning how you behave on the website (what you click, the time you spend on each page, where you come from – by tracking your IP -, what device you use to browse the website and so forth) and exchange information with other third parties of the Google Adsense network in order you to provide you with a targeted ad campaign.

I don’t collect your data on any device (computer, tablet or other) and I don’t share it with anyone, because I don’t use your data for any other purpose than trying to figure out things like:

  • if you like a comic more than another
  • from which country you read me
  • at what time to post so I don’t post when no one is watching
  • if all the efforts I’m doing daily are paying off

I let Google keep your data on their server. They do a much better job than I could ever do, and here is what they do exactly with them:




‘Alright from here there are 3 options:

  1. you just don’t use my website. This way I won’t be able to access your data as much as you won’t be able to access my content
  2. you find another way to contribute financially to my content and to my internet rent and then go on and disable all cookies (Analytics and Adsense) that this website use ’cause you deserve it
  3. you disable all the cookies of this website (disable Google Analytics cookies and disable Adsense cookies) and also the cookies of any other website and keep on enjoying free content ad vitam eternam, become one of the greates ass***e of the web history. But again, it’s your choice!