Nice cats / Bad dogs

webtoon kotopopi potato chop kotopopi potato chop comicsIT’S HAPPENING!

Me and my friend potato-chop from “Mushroom Movie” are going to rock Webtoon with a new series:


The title is already self-explanatory, but the idea is to mess up with the classic clichés about cats and dogs and see if we’re not having it all wrong about our fellow pets. My part of the project will be limited to the writing, while all the (digital) pencil work will be done by potato-chop.

I can’t wait to see where this will go and have feedback from our readers. For sure, we have had a lot of fun making it!

So, see you NEXT MONDAY (05.15.07) for the great launch.

In the meanwhile, may the mushroom be with you!




funny comics about pets cats dogsSince the project has started in May, sooooooooooo many things happened!


For a start, Potato Chop of Mushroom Movie was forced to leave the project because of schedule conflict. Having a daily comics is already hard enough and he couldn’t really keep a side project.


I was very sad and at the same time the idea of shutting out the series, considering its success and the fact that I’ve already grown very fond of it seemed the worst choice to make.

At the same time I knew I couldn’t make it on my own. I had already a weekly series running and two new one coming up.


So I’ve tried to save it, in the only way I know: basically finding someone else.

But yet it felt like betraying Potato Chop and the great job he did. Furthermore there are so many talented artists around that I couldn’t really make my mind about who to ask to.

When you get stuck like that there’s only one thing to do: ask the readers!


There you go: 50+ suggestions of amazingly talented artists poored in from the comment section of Nice Cats/Bad Dogs!


My mind was set up: why asking a single artist when you have so many out there?

Also, the series’ main theme is so loose that it could easily be turned into a collective project.


I braced myself, took a deep breath and made a list with all the names that the readers had provided and just started reaching out to them.


The resposes I’ve got spanned from zero (like litterally no answer at all) to overboard enthousiastic and within a couple of months I’ve found myself sourrounded by 10 other talents who were willing to take shifts drawing Cats&Dogs episodes.


I even got the chance to finally write and draw an episode myself 😀


I haven’t really been through all the names that have been made so far and even when I’ve tried to expand the team I’ve got turned down several times but I’m not giving up.


By the way: are you a Webtoon Discovery artist? Wanna join the team? GET IN TOUCH NOW!

Go to the bottom of the page and fill out that contact form, it works wonders! 😉


And don’t loose any episode of Nice cats / Bad dogs,, there’s a new episode every week of a different artist.




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