All patrons are created equal

Patreon. Seriously? Again?

After going through some deep renovation works, my Patreon account has emerged from the dust!

Here’s what I would like to accomplish with it and who and why should be interested in supporting my attempt.

First of all I’m an old school reader: I like to buy comics and read them at home. Yes, I see your face when I say ‘at home’ and yes, this includes the bathroom too.

Why am I telling you this and making you feel uncomfortable?

kotopopi patronThe truth about how it is.

There we go: I really, but like REALLY, but like REALLY would like to be able to put together a collection of my comics and sell it as a book.

It doesn’t have to be a fancy one. Just one that keeps together while you’re sitting on the toilet (and that doesn’t make you use it instead of the toilet paper).

So how am I going to do that?

I could skip all the steps and just launch a kickstarter asking the world to help me finance it.

But I can’t. At least yet.

The truth is that I’m currently not working for health reasons. Nothing that gets in between me and throwing some gag comics into the wild, but something that definitely gets in between me and working a regular 9-5 job. Hopefully at some point I’ll be back on my feet. But at that point I’ll have to make a choice.

And that choice won’t be dictated by my ‘passion’. It will be dictate by my belly. And can you guess what my belly wants? Yes: FOOD.

You don’t buy food by making the girl at the cash laugh. You buy food with a credit card.

Now I’m gonna time-laps a few steps, cause I’m sure you heard all that food-talk before: making books takes time. An enourmous amount of time. Especially if you’re me, cause you’re distracted by a mosquito buzz happening 300km away from you and you can’t concentrate.

I could fake everything else and just ask the money to make the books. And then not make them, cause I don’t have the resources to live through the time I need to make them.

Or I’ll get a job in the meanwhile, and the books will be ready for Christmas. Only for Christmas 2081, if I’m still alive and books still exist.

There you go, you have the truth on my side.

Now let’s see the truth on yours.

Why should you embark in the Patreon’ ship of love.

I’ll answer with a simple quetion: would you like to buy one of my books?

If the answer is no, I don’t really need ot bother you any further. You can still read my comics for free and you’ll always be able too.

I’m not gonna hide the fact that I’ll still be publishing my stuff, no matter what. Even if once a year instead of several times per week.

If the answer is yes, or even just maybe, read on.

I made it pretty simple for you: 1$. 12$ per year. Isn’t that the price of a book already?

Basically I’m asking you to buy my imaginary book, that for the moment exists only online. And don’t you try to tell me that you never once brought your smartphone to the toilet, cause everyone knows you did.

What I’m saying here is that, if you buy me an imaginary book today, maybe in two years you’ll be able to buy me a real one. Possibly with a discount, as you already bought me at least an imaginary one. I still have to think this through but for sure it’s gonna be something like that.

We, you and I, will get closer, as I’m gonna update the Patreon blog regularly, in order to tell you what I’m working on. This way you’ll know if I’m doing a good use of your money. You’ll see why and where I struggle and you’ll be able to push me if I’m stuck.

I’ll be there for you too. Just not when you’re in the toilet.

You’ll appear in my comics, you’ll be part of my universe.

Finally, in a couple of years, if everything goes fine, you’ll be able to have a piece of me at your place. And finally I’ll be able to be with you also when you go to the toilet.

Isn’t that the best?

Alright, I’ll be serious now: there aren’t 3 billions reasons why you should join the Koto ship. In the end, all comes down to: “I appreciate what you do”.

Every time I buy an artist book I’m shouting into the universe’s ears: I LIKE WHAT YOU DO.

The only difference here is that, unlike the universe, I can easily answer:


My Patreon account ->

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