10 ways to support my work for free

  1. Read my comics on Webtoon or Tapas. These platforms share a part of their ad revenue with their creators.
  2. Watch my videos on Youtube and Twitch and help me grow a community there, the only places where it’s easy to monetize traffic for artists 🙂
  3. Share, tag and quote my comics on social media. Then tag me, so I’ll know and I’ll be able to say ‘thanks’ to you publicly!
  4. Don’t use the adblock when you read my comics. You just need to add my site as an exception and voilĂ .
  5. Share my work (comics/articles) directly from my website. A repost on Reddit, Imgur or 9gag is particularly appreciated.
  6. Make a collection of your favourite Koto-comics and post it to 9gag or Bored Panda.
  7. Send feeback. I wanna improve until I die!
  8. Are you aware of any comic challenge, comic marathon, comic event I should also be aware of? Get in touch!
  9. Did you find a grammar mistake? Spare me before the grammar police gets me!
  10. Did you spot someone stealing my work? Report it to me.

Free support is not enough for you and you have some spare change?

Check out ‘How to support my work financially

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